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This article goes into the great details of  function IsDebuggerPresent and explains how it actually works in order to get the expected results. Worth a read if you've always wanted to know more about this function and how it works.

Exobot Android Banking Trojan’s Source Code Leaked Online

The source code of a top-of-the-line Android banking trojan has been leaked online and has since rapidly spread in the malware community, worrying researchers that a new wave of malware campaigns may be in the works. Here's the complete story on Bleeping Computer . 

Malware Analysis: Upatre and its new anti-analysis techniques

Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 has published a really well-written and detailed analysis of the latest version of the Upatre downloader. Read the full article here .

NotCarbanak code leaked

Malware code which seems to have a lot in common with Carbanak and Buhtrap, with references to Pegasus in the code has leaked. You can download a copy of the code here: