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Malware posing as popular Windows tools

There's an interesting new malware that is currently being distributed actively around the globe through phishing campaigns. This malware is a Trojan RAT, that poses as a version of the popular open-source archive utility PeaZip. The authors of this malware have copied the file info and make it look like a legit version of PeaZip. Careful analysis of this malware shows us that this infact is a Trojan RAT, that is falsely adverstised as PeaZip. In this article, we analyse this malware and discuss the findings. Read full article here:

Emotet C2 Network IOC August 2018 Week 4 Campaign

Article by  Vishal Thakur IP Port COUNTRY REGION CITY TIME ZONE United States Texas Dallas CST United States New Jersey EST United States South Carolina Tamassee EST Canada Ontario Ottawa EST 443 United States Georgia Moultrie EST 443 United States Virginia Ashburn EST United Arab Emirates Dubai GMT+4 United States Oklahoma Oklahoma City CST 443 United States Massachusetts Cambridge EST 443 Korea, Republic Of Seoul GMT+9 443 Russian Federation Moscow GMT+3 8090 Canada Ontario Ottawa EST 8090 United States New Jersey Bedminster EST United States Florida Brandon EST 443 China Guangzhou GMT+8 443 United States Missouri Springfield CST 7080 United States Delaware Seaford EST United States District Of Columbia Washingt

AZORult Trojan Serving Aurora Ransomware by MalActor Oktropys

New variant of AZORult spotted in the wild - serving Aurora ransomware on the side. Full article:

Emotet Payload C2 Network IOC August 2018 Week 3 Campaign

Article by  Vishal Thakur Here is a list of all the current C2 IPs that are being used in the latest Emotet Campaign. Ip Address Port Country City Status 443 United States Concordia Valid 80 United States Hialeah Valid 80 United States Birmingham Valid 80 United States Bellflower Valid 80 United States Las Vegas Valid 80 Canada Toronto Valid 80 United States Sugar Land Valid 80 France Valid 80 United States Dallas Valid 80 Spain Valid 80 United States Tehachapi Valid 80 United States Lafayette Valid 80 United States San Carlos Valid 80 France Roubaix Valid 80 United Kingdom Richmond Valid 80 United States Edinburg Valid 80 United States New York Valid 80 United States Plano Valid 80 Bulgaria Sofi