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Emotet C2 Network IOC August 2018 Week 4 Campaign

Article by Vishal Thakur

IPPortCOUNTRYREGIONCITYTIME ZONE StatesTexasDallasCST StatesNew JerseyEST StatesSouth CarolinaTamasseeEST StatesGeorgiaMoultrieEST StatesVirginiaAshburnEST Arab EmiratesDubaiGMT+4 StatesOklahomaOklahoma CityCST StatesMassachusettsCambridgeEST, Republic OfSeoulGMT+9 FederationMoscowGMT+3 StatesNew JerseyBedminsterEST StatesFloridaBrandonEST StatesMissouriSpringfieldCST StatesDelawareSeafordEST StatesDistrict Of ColumbiaWashingtonEST StatesTexasPlanoCST StatesWisconsinRacineCST StatesVirginiaHerndonEST StatesNew MexicoFarmingtonMST StatesMassachusettsBurlingtonEST StatesVirginiaAshburnEST South WalesSydneyGMT+10 StatesNew JerseyCedar KnollsEST StatesMissouriSpringfieldCST StatesCaliforniaSeal BeachPST StatesNew MexicoRio RanchoMST StatesCaliforniaIndioPST StatesConnecticutBloomfieldEST StatesIdahoNampaMST StatesSouth CarolinaGreenvilleEST StatesNevadaHendersonPST StatesFloridaOrlandoEST StatesColoradoDenverMST StatesNew JerseyBedminsterEST States StatesOhioColumbusEST StatesArizonaScottsdaleMST, Islamic Republic OfTehranGMT+3.50 ColumbiaVancouverPST StatesTexasRichardsonCST StatesVirginiaStaffordEST StatesColoradoAuroraMST StatesMarylandFrederickEST StatesNew YorkNew YorkEST ColumbiaVancouverPST StatesDistrict Of ColumbiaWashingtonEST StatesCaliforniaSan JosePST StatesNew JerseyParsippanyEST


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OTX Pulse: Indicator type Indicator IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 IPv4